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Sarai Chisala-Tempelhoff

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Member: Chisala-Tempelhoff, Sarai (female)

Current Position/ Profession: PhD Candidate | Senior Legal Researcher | Founder – EmGENDER

Institutional Affiliation: University of Cape Town | EmGENDER

Country Base & Nationality: Portugal, Malawian

Research Interests: Human Rights | Human Rights and Democratization in Africa | Law | HIV & AIDS | Women’s and Gender Studies | Migration | Trafficking in Human Beings


  • Chisala Tempelhoff, S (2012) Protecting traditional healing practices in Malawi: are there lessons to be learnt from South Africa? Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Amill-Rosario I, Chisala S and Hicks G ‘Farmers Markets’ in Rushing R and Wilson CR (Eds) (2010) The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 15: Urbanization
  • Terrell R, Chisala S and Sagrestano L (2009) ‘How Can the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program Better Serve Tennessee’s Single Mothers? Recommendations for Policy Revisions and Additional Research’
  • Dronnet F, Chisala S, Morrell P, Naidoo A, Moyo J and White R ‘Pamodzi Tiyeni: A Guide to Advocacy in Malawi’ NSA Capacity Building Programme: Lilongwe, 2008.
  • Chisala, S., 2008. Rape and HIV/AIDS: who’s protecting whom? In: L. Artz and D. Smythe, eds. Should we Consent? Rape Law Reform in South Africa. South Africa: Juta Publishers, pp.52-71
  • Chisala S, ‘Book Review’: Fidelis Edge Kanyongolo – Malawi: Justice sector and the rule of law’ (2007) 1 Malawi Law Journal 261.
  • Smythe D, Jefthas D, Hoffman-Wanderer Y, Artz L and Chisala S (2007) Sexual Offences and HIV: Challenges for Magistrates University of Cape Town, South Africa

Weblink:  www.EmGENDER.org


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