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The Malawi National Digital Repository

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One of the main reasons that led me to set up EmGENDER is the difficulties that I have faced when conducting research in and on Malawi, especially from the diaspora. There is so much fascinating and impressive work that is being undertaken and it is hard to keep up. EmGENDER is about connecting people AND sharing resources. This first post on resources was going to be an excerpt or an abstract and then I stumbled upon the Malawi National Digital Repository. My first quick search for the term “gender” produced 136 hits! Including gems like the  National Gender Policy, the National Gender Programme and so much more, including (rather randomly included just because I liked the title) an article on the intersections of dance, gender and popular music!

If you knew about this invaluable resource – WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!?

And if you didn’t, you are most welcome!


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