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Seodi White

@EmGENDER on Twitter


Member: White, Seodi (female)

Current Position/ Profession: Gender & Law Consultant | Founding Partner – MaxiChange 360 Degrees Consult

Institutional Affiliation: MaxiChange 360 Degrees Consult

Country Base & Nationality: Malawi, Malawian

Research Interests:

Gender and the Law | Gender Mainstreaming in Development | Gender And Governance


  • Weekly newspaper column called ‘Women, Law and Society” in The Malawi Weekend Nation. The articles cover various issues from a weekly basis such as: legal empowerment for the poor, domestic violence, Inheritance and property rights, sexual and reproductive rights including abortion among others.
  • Seodi White and Emily Kamwendo (2011) Doing It For Themselves: Gender Transformative Projects In Implementing HIV/AIDS Programmes In Five Districts In Malawi. WLSA Malawi Publication
  • Seodi White (2010) Using the Courts to secure Positive Law Reform for Women in Malawi. HIV/AIDS Law and Policy Review 15 (1) October 2010. Canadian Legal AIDS Network. Toronto. Pgs 47 to 48. See link http://aidslaw.ca/publications/publicationsdocEN.php?ref=1138
  • Seodi White (2010) Extreme poverty and its impact on women’s vulnerability to HIV transmission: a rights issue The International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 14, Issue 1 February 2010, pages 75 – 91 (This paper was also presented at the University of Northern Carolina- (Chapel Hill) Centre for African and Caribbean Studies in November 2007.
  • Seodi White (2010) Shadowing the CEDAW in Malawi: Shadow Report Submitted To The Malawi Government CEDAW 6th Periodic Report Submitted To The CEDAW Committee‘s 45th Session, from 15th January to 3rd Feb, 2010. (I also presented this Paper to the UN CEDAW Committee). This report can be found at http://www.iwraw-ap.org.
  • Co-authored Issues paper: A List of Critical Issues to the Sixth Periodic Report of Malawi on CEDAW submitted to the CEDAW Committee in Preparation for the 6th Periodic Report of the Government of Malawi to the CEDAW Committee slated for January 2010 in Geneva. This document is found on the OHCHR Website.
  • Co Authored Research Paper: Sexual violence and women’s vulnerability to HIV transmission in Malawi: a rights issue. This article has been published by UNESCO in the International Social Science Journal No. 186 (Article ISSJ0574006) published in December 2005.
  • Co- Authored Monogram: Contributing Towards the Realisation of Women’s Human Rights and Gender Justice: Recommendations for a More Equitable Constitution Blantyre Malawi (2006).
  • Co-authored A Book: Beyond Inequalities. Women in Malawi (in partnership with WIDSAA/ SARDC). (Harare) (2005).
  • Contributed to the Audit of the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development- in the Gender Justice Barometer compiled by the Gender and Media Southern Africa Network (GEMSA) (2005).
  • Co-authored Discussion Paper: Discussing the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Malawi: Multisectoral Perspectives. A Discussion Paper .WLSA, Blantyre (2003).
  • Co-Authored WLSA Book Report: Dispossessing the Widow: Gender Based Violence in Malawi. WLSA/ Kachere. Blantyre and Zomba (2002).
  • Co-Authored WLSA Comparative Monogram: A Critical Analysis of Women’s Access to Land in the WLSA Countries WLSA, Harare (2000).
  • Co-authored WLSA Book Report: In Search of Justice: Women and the Administration of Justice in Malawi: Dzuka Publishing House, Blantyre (2000).

 Hand Books

  • Co-author: Engendering Parliament in Malawi, A Hand Book for Parliamentarians WLSA Publication (2005).
  • Co-author: A Hand Book on Domestic Violence in Malawi. WLSA Blantyre (2003)

Recent Unpublished Papers

  • Can Rights Lift the Poor Out Of Poverty? Intersecting the Law, Women’s Property Rights, and Poverty in Malawi. Paper Presented at the Workshop on Poverty, Legal Empowerment and Pro Poor Governance Organised by the Centre For Development and The Environment, University of OSLO, Norway, 26th to 27th October, 2007.
  • Co-authored with Tinyade Kachika, Maggie Kathewera-Banda, Veronica Njikho and Mary Malunga: Taking Malawian Women’s True Lived Realities to a Global Forum Shadow Report To The Malawi Government Combined CEDAW Periodic Reports Submitted To The CEDAW Committee‘s 35th Session, 15 May – 2 June 2006 (I also Presented this Paper to the UN CEDAW Committee). This report can be found at http://www.iwraw-ap.org.
  • Gender and Citizenship as Critical Lens for Analysis in Malawi’s Development. Paper presented at the conference on “Malawi After Gleneagles: A Commission For Africa Case Study” organised by The Scotland Malawi Partnership in Edinburgh Holy rood at the Scottish Parliament, 4 -5 November 2005.
  • Can The Law Reduce HIV Transmission Among Women? Paper presented at the Southern African Regional Gender Mainstreaming Symposium organized by SAFAIDS, In Mbabane Swaziland, and 5-7 April 2005.
  • How Far Has SADC Engendered Law and Policy? A paper published in Open Space, a quarterly Review published by the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) Volume 1 Issue 1 April, 2005.
  • The Malawi National Gender Policy: Mainstreaming Success or Failure? Dissertation Paper submitted as a final M.A assessment at The University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies. July 2003.

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