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Happy holidays and best wishes for 2015!

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Dear EmGENDER Family, I want to wish you all the very best for the festive season and for the exciting new year that is ahead of us.

The birth of EmGENDER was a proud moment; it has always been my dream to work on advancing gender equality in Malawi. This collaborative research network is based upon the principle that there can be no true success in the struggle for gender justice without drawing upon the knowledge and ability of those who are at the front lines of the effort – you the activists, researchers, scholars, peers and professionals working on these issues! The success of EmGENDER relies upon you – YOU make this dream into a reality.

EmGENDER is slowly but steadily building a strong support base. A significant achievement for a movement that is so young. I believe this is because we are hungry for a defined and concerted push for gender equality and gender justice in Malawi.

In 2015 the goals are to broaden membership, to register EmGENDER as a non-profit and to establish a set of core activities that incorporate the needs of registered members. The coming year promises to be a thrilling one with several collaborative research opportunities for members, including: co-authoring and publishing gender justice papers; building an online collection of gender justice resources; planning a gender justice conference; and more.

So on that note, I want to end the year with an expression of my heartfelt gratitude to (and for) each of you. Thank you for joining EmGENDER on this incredible adventure, and for being part of the #GenderJustice movement. Cheers to a more just Malawi in 2015!

Peace & Love


SaraiChisala EmGENDER


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