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Please take this quick survey on #RevengePorn in Malawi

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EmGENDER is conducting research on non-consensual pornography (the phenomenon widely known as revenge porn) in Malawi. The results will be used to inform a larger research, support and advocacy effort on the issue. Please take the time to answer a few short questions:

Share the link as widely as possible, the survey is completely anonymous (not even IP addresses are collected/stored)

Some background:

The term “revenge porn,” though frequently used, is somewhat misleading. Many perpetrators are not motivated by revenge or by any personal feelings toward the victim. A more accurate term is nonconsensual pornography, defined as the distribution of sexually graphic images of individuals without their consent. This includes both images originally obtained without consent (e.g. by using hidden cameras, hacking phones, or recording sexual assaults) as well as images consensually obtained within the context of an intimate relationship.

Nonconsensual pornography transforms unwilling individuals into sexual entertainment for strangers. A vengeful ex-partner or opportunistic hacker can upload an explicit image of a victim to a website where thousands of people can view it and hundreds of other websites can share it. In a matter of days, that image can dominate the first several pages of “hits” on the victim’s name in a search engine, as well as being emailed or otherwise exhibited to the victim’s family, employers, co-workers, and peers. (For more information see the FAQ section of End Revenge Porn these were written by Mary Anne Franks, Director of Legislative & Tech Policy and Vice-President of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative; Associate Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law. Contact the author at mafranks@law.miami.edu. )


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  1. […] also been extremely important for gathering data – over the year there have been surveys on #revengeporn, the Maputo Protocol and #GBV. The revenge porn results will contribute to a paper on the issue; […]


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