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The EmGENDER Blog showcases topical research and writing from the members and guest contributors. Recent posts:

As a member of EmGENDER you can use the blog feature to publish and share your ideas.To build our community, EmGENDER operates as a working group, with members presenting works-in-progress on varied topics related to gender justice in Malawi.

Focal areas for dialogue, planned events, prospective grant-writing collaborations and publications include: gender and health | gender and sexualities | gender and the environment | gender and violence | gender and work | gender, justice and the law.



Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog posts are solely those of the author in their private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the members of EmGENDER.

Commenting: EmGENDER encourages discussions about stories and posts on the site. The comments section can provide an opportunity for readers to ask questions about an article answered or offer an opposing viewpoint supported by experience, knowledge or peer-reviewed publications.  The comments section should not devolve into name-calling, ideological bickering, or off-topic rants. With that in mind, some community guidelines are below. EmGENDER reserves the right (but are not under an obligation) to remove any content a commenter provides and/or ban users from commenting for any reason, including if a commenter violates the letter or spirit of these guidelines. The following are general guidelines that influence whether or not a comment will be accepted:

  • Personal attacks on authors, other users or any person are not tolerated. Users who repeatedly post such comments may be banned.
  • Comments featuring swearing, name-calling or otherwise abusive language are unacceptable.
  • EmGENDER values robust debate and understands that people may feel strongly about the topics debated on the site but please show respect for the views and beliefs of other users. By being polite and civil, make sure that the topic remains the focus of the debate and that our pages remain conducive to intelligent discussion.
  • Keep your posts relevant. If you post a comment that is not related to the topic being discussed, it may be deleted.
  • Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive will not be tolerated. There is a difference between criticizing a government, organization or belief and attacking people because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Comments that incite criminal activity are not acceptable.
  • Comments should be in English.
  • Keep your comments coherent. If the moderator cannot understand your comment because of poor spelling, grammar or logic, it will be deleted.
  • Do not post content that you have copied from someone else and for which you do not have the copyright.
  • DO NOT SHOUT. Writing in caps is considered shouting in web etiquette.
  • No spamming or flooding. Do not repost the same message, or very similar messages, more than once.
  • No advertising or promotion of products or services, or posting of web links (URLs).
  • No impersonation. Impersonating anyone (including other members) is unacceptable.
  • No inappropriate user names.
  • EmGENDER will not accept defamatory comments capable of damaging the reputation of an organization or individual.

If you are interested in writing a piece or showcasing your ongoing work for member feedback fill out the following form to contact the administrator.


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